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Bill Kohnlein

Bill Koehnlein

Head Interior Designer

Bill graduated from the Kendall School of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1992 with a degree in design. After graduating, he started working for his father, Walter, at Collaborative Design, moving the company in a new direction from commercial to residential interiors.

Bill has years of experience working as the lead designer for many clients. He spares no expense when pursuing architectural detail in every project he takes on.

As a visionary, Bill ensures that each client’s dreams are made into reality and that every client has the beautiful and artistic home they desire. He is excited about the future of Collaborative Design, with many new and fun projects on the horizon.

Current Project: Pine Lake Mansion, designed by Bill Koehnlein.

Construction by Collaborative Design – Brian Link Project Manager

Photo Courtesy of Bob Anderson Builders

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